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Simply put – It is having your photos and videos backed up in 3 locations, on 2 different types of media, with at least 1 copy residing off site.

Where are your photos and videos stored?

Do you have them all available digitally?

Or do you have some stored physically and some digitally?

Why would you want to have your photos backed up this way? What happens if the photos are lost on a cloud source or there is a natural disaster impacting your home?

Having all your photos and videos backed up in 3 different locations and 2 different types of media with at 1 residing off site protects your memories from physical and digital disasters. 

Did you know that external hard drives on average only last 5 years? 

Examples of ways you could have your photos and videos backed up using the 3-2-1 method:

  1. Apple Photos
  2. Amazon Photos
  3. External Hard Drive
  1. Amazon Photos
  2. External Hard Drive
  3. Dropbox
  1. OneDrive
  2. Smug Mug
  3. External Hard Drive
  1. Amazon Photos 
  2. External Hard Drive
  3. External Hard Drive

There are many different companies available for you to back up your photos. If you need advice on deciding which one(s) is best for you, I can help

Lastly, if you want to outsource digitizing your photos, videos, slides, I can do it for you.


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