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What is a Digital Organizing Session with The Photo Solution?

Do you have your photos backed up securely? 

Are you able to find a photo that you are looking for on both your phone and computer?

Can you send photos to a friend that you took a couple of years ago?

Have you made photo books or video reels for your family to enjoy and remember after all the work of taking photos?

A Digital Organizing Session will give you peace of mind about your photos.  It can make your photos accessible from either your phone or computer (or any device).  Your photos will be organized, so you can enjoy them easily – through digital pictures frames, Alexa, or photos books.

What happens in a Digital Organizing Session?

In a Digital Organizing Session, I will use screen sharing technology to get onto your computer and organize your photos on YOUR computer, making them accessible to you also on your phone.  First, I will consolidate all your photos into one photo library from all different sources (old computer, Apple photos, external hard drives, CDs, DVDs, memory sticks etc). Then, I will sort the photos into a simple folder structure that can easily be maintained, has duplicates removed and can be updated as you accumulate more photos.  Lastly, I will create a backup system, using the 3-2-1 method.  This is having your photos saved in 3 locations, on 2 different types of media, with at least 1 residing offsite. I will work to have your photos saved onsite (external hard drive) and offsite (cloud) by the end of the session. I will help you decide which cloud service is right for you. 

Who should purchase a Digital Organizing Session?

Anyone who does not have their photos in one photo library and easily accessible from multiple devices. Or someone who doesn’t have their photos backed up. Busy parents, grandparents, tech and not tech savvy people , anyone who does not have peace of mind about their photos.

How many hours does a Digital Organizing Session project usually take?

How much time commitment do you need? This process usually takes on average about 3 weeks for me to complete, but every project is unique. 

You will not be working on it during the whole time. 

Before our first meeting, I will send you a link with a private screen sharing software. At the beginning of the project, I will have about a one-hour consultation with you. To start this meeting, I will call you on the phone, and then guide you through the screen sharing process where you will then be able to grant me access to view your screen and have mouse control.  During this call, I will discuss the current state of your photos, options for cloud services and then we will decide on a plan that works for YOU and your photos going forward.  Each client’s plan is unique and will be what works best for you. When the project is done, there is an hour wrap up call at the end.  In between, I will work independently via screen share.  You are welcome to watch me work or not.

When the screen share meeting is closed, I will no longer have access to your computer.  

How much does it cost?

My digital photos organizing session costs $999 for up to 4 photo sources. For 5 or more sources is $1299. Sources can include your choice of phone/iCloud, external hard drives, old computers or new computers, cloud services like google etc.  At the time of booking, $499 is due and the remaining balance is due the week of the session. 

How do I book a session?

Book your session here

I look forward to working with you to help your organize, protect and enjoy your photo and video memories.


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