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1. Do I have too many photos and videos?  No, Clients can have anywhere form 5000-100,000+ photos and videos

2. I’m not tech savvy – can you still help me? Yes, clients hire me because they cannot figure out how to get their photos organized and backed up

3. What is the 3-2-1 backup method? It is backing up your photos in 3 different spots on 2 different types of media and with at least 1 offsite

4. What equipment do I needYou will need an external hard drive for onsite backup – but you don’t need to purchase before our initial meeting. I can help you select the best one for your needs

5. Do I need to buy software? No, all the software I use is included with your purchase

6. Can you do it if I live outside of Austin? Yes, I do remote digital organizing sessions for people all over the world

7. What is the digitizing credit? You will have $350 credit towards any digitizing you want done of VHS tapes of picture scanning

8. How long does it take? The hands on time for you is very minimal – Typically it takes 3-6 weeks for me to get your photos all organized and backed up

9. What if I have more than 3 sources? There is an additional charge of $150 per an extra source


The Photo Solution