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Meet Lissa

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My Family and Life

About Me

My husband, Gresham, and I live in Austin, Texas. We have three kids – Margaret, Marie and Mark (The only names we could agree on started with “M”). I’m originally from the Suburbs of Chicago and Gresham is from Austin. We met during college in Mississippi and hit it off right away. We love living by extended family here in Austin.


Some Favorite Things

About ME Cont...

I love to grow vegetables. I didn’t know this until we applied and rented a plot in the community garden in our neighborhood. I have discovered so many fun vegetables to roast, including rutabaga, golden and candy cane beets and sweet potatoes.

I love hanging out with my family and being outside enjoying the shade (We burn easily in this family!). Recently, my daughters and I have started bird watching and have been surprised at all the birds we have seen in Austin.


One of my Ideal Days

About Me Cont...

My day would start out early with waffles and bacon for breakfast with the family. Then, we would go out and explore the world on a hike. In the afternoon, we would read books. For dinner, we would have burgers with sweet potato French fries and roasted vegetables. Lastly, we would play a card game (Spades or Gin Rummy) to round out the evening.

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