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5 Tips For Streamlining Photo Book Creation from a Professional Photo Organizer

I’ve been making photo books for years. As a photo album organizer, I have streamlined my process to make completing them fun, fast and furious. 



  1. Decide on parameters for the book
    • What kind of book are you creating? Ideas include
      • Family Yearbook
      • Special Event Book
      • Vacation Book
      • Disneyworld Memories
      • Graduation Book
      • Wedding Book
    • Pick a book size
      • 10×10
      • 8×8
      • 8×10
      • 10×8

I like 10×10 personally. It fits a fair amount of pictures per a page and isn’t too big for my kids to hold

  • Pick out a company that offers what you want 

I like Printque or Blurb

2. Pick out all the photos before you start creating

  • Edit some of the photos (optional)
  • For family yearbook, sort photos into separate months

3. Download only part  of the photos to be added at a time to the photo book

  • It is less overwhelming to only see a small set of photos at a time
  • for example, in a family yearbook, add one month of photos, make the pages, then download the next month

4. Use template and leave space for words to be added at the end

  • Batching the narrative for the whole book can speed the process up
  • Seeing the pictures arranged can spark your memory about what you want to write

5. Just Start

  • You can do it
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect
  • Start in the present time (don’t go back years and years)
  • Your family will enjoy the finished project

I’d like to know what will you make your next photo book about?

If you would like to outsource your photobook creation, I’m here to help

Here is an example of our Beach Vacation

The Photo Solution

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